James Allen Explorer

I believe that the World is full of exciting opportunities just waiting to be discovered.

I use my training combined with personal network to discover and explore these opportunities.

I work with private individuals finding hidden treasures through to multi-national film and product companies discovering and accessing new markets.

I have been exploring professionally for nearly 30 years.

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Discoveries –film documentaries, gold mines, gas deposits, products, channels to market, markets, rediscovery indigenous trade routes, remote access, family connections, corporate purpose alignment. 

Adventure – Youngest person to climb Mt Everest (22) 1995, Multiple firsts, 7 Summits, 6 volcanoes, South Pole, Greenland.  Professional level skills in land (mountain, ice/rock climbing, polar, desert, 4WD, remote camping), water (scuba PADI instructor & archaeological diver, yachtmaster offshore, rafting/canoeing, fishing) air (paragliding). 

Work – Global exploration geologist (Shell International), Head of new business and strategy (Wal*Mart UK, Wilkinson), Senior buying manager (Woolworths Au), Strategy and marketing consultant (PA), CEO and founder (8 Clicks High, Timberfind.com) 

Academic – Cambridge UK (Economics, Polar Studies), Melbourne Au (Geology) 

Fully insured and licenced based Sydney Australia ABN 33160060757